Registrations for BayJam 2018 are now open.

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The information on this page is able to be downloaded as in Info Pack at the bottom of the page.


7th to 13th January 2018

Bay Park, Mt Martha

Bay Jam is a week-long camp based at Bay Park Mt Martha Jam-Packed with Activities!!!!


  • Sunday 7th January 2018 – Bump In and Camp Set Up
  • Monday 8th – Off-Site Activities
  • Tuesday 9th – Off-Site Activities
  • Wednesday 10th Everyone On-Site with On-Site Activities
  • Thursday 11th – Off-Site Activities
  • Friday 12th – Off-Site Activities
  • Saturday 13th – Camp Pack up and Bump Out

Off-Site Activities include:

  • Beach
  • Wide Game
  • Hike
  • Geocache/Scout Skills

On-Site Activities:

  • Evening Entertainment
  • Gang Show
  • and More

Bay Jam Cost: Scouts – $225 / Leaders $40 (These costs do not cover your food)

Applications close October 31 2017.

What is covered in the Cost:

All camping Fees, All Activities including off site transport, Event Blanket Badge, Ice Supplies to refresh your food storage Eskies, Bread Supplies, Daily, Garbage Bags.

Camp Structure:

The camp site will be set up with Bay Jam Troop Sites, similar set up to a Jamboree. Troop Sizes will be between, 24 to 36 Scouts and 3 to 4 Leaders per Troop. Troops will be formed in similar fashion to Jamboree practice. Bay Jam Troop Leader will be appointed to each Troop.


Apart from supply of Bread, Ice and Garbage Bags, each Troop is Self-Catering. We are investigating with local supermarkets to provide “free delivery” for On-Line orders from the Bay Jam Site. This should assist with the amount of perishable food that the Troop need to bring with them at the start of the camp.


Applications are made via the link on the Web Site ( and are Patrol Based. Leader to apply vis the website as well. Due to the limits on the Infrastructre at Bay Park Bay Jam will be limited to 1,200 Scouts so get in Early.


What if I want to go to Bay Jam but there are only a couple of Scouts from my Troop wanting to go, or I am the only one?

Talk to your Scout Leader who can see if there are Scouts going from another Troop within your District or Region that you can join in with. If you can not find anyone to form a Patrol with contact BayJam 2018 on and let us know

What if we have a Patrol of Scouts wanting to go but no Leaders from our Troop are going?

The formation of the Bay Jam Troops create Troop from Districts/Regions and place Patrol into Troops with sufficient Leaders to allow the Troop to work.

What is expected of me as a Leader at BayJam?

If you are on a line with Scouts you will be expected to work with the PL’s within the Troop to ensure that the Troop gets to Bay Jam with the required gear and food and has a fun and successful camp. We will be looking for assistance on the Wednesday for 1⁄2 day to help run the onsite activities and to supervise Scouts travelling to off site activities on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We expect that BayJam Line Leaders will create their own roster for these activities.

If you are assisting with an activity you will be working offsite at the activity that you are allocated to. You will still be able to camp on site with your home Troop Scouts or in a Leader camping area. If you are not camping with a Troop, Leader catering will be available at a cost still TBD.


As an Adult Leader/Rover/Venturer will I get time off?

If you are a Line Leader you can organise your Troop such that you have time off whilst the Scouts are off site. The off-site activities are Patrol Based and hence the Scouts will be undertaking them as Patrols and Adult Leaders will not need to shadow them. Adult Leaders will be required to assist in supervising travel. and you may be asked to provide some assistance at the activity by those running it.

If you are helping on an off-site actvity you will be free on Wednesday as all the Scouts are on site that day.

Where can I keep my Car/Troop Trailer?

There will be a limited amount of Car/Trailer Parking at Bay Park, so you will be able to keep your car and Troop trailer onsite. You should be able to access your car and head offsite if needed.

Download BayJam Info Pack